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it is not run as an administrator

Posted: 04 Jun 2022 21:07
by buietto
Hello !

..I'm the man of the stupid questions :mrgreen:
opening about link under setting panel I can read
it is not run as an administrator and it is not as portable
I'm using oMega replacing windows explorer and selected running as Administrator my question is how or where is the option to set oMega as Administrator ?

Thank You !

Re: it is not run as an administrator

Posted: 07 Jun 2022 00:50
by oMega Support
Because of UAC oMega Commander, like any other Windows application, including File Explorer, runs as a user without admin privileges to reduce chances of unintentionally deleting essential system files and possibly protect the OS against virus actions, should the application be infected.

If you are an administrator on your OS, to run oMega Commander with Administrator rights:
* If you are in oMega Commander you can quickly switch to Admin mode by pressing Ctrl+Alt+A.
* To always start the application in Admin mode via the application link, in its properties check Advanced > Run as administrator.

If oMega Commander is configured as Explorer replacement via settings Behavior > Integration and Cloning, then on the button "Operating System Integration" > "Parameters" check "Run as administrator".

Re: it is not run as an administrator

Posted: 11 Jun 2022 09:11
by buietto
..sorry for delay
all ok now configured it in properties / run as administrator

Thank you !!