Pictures / Animated Gifs / Short Videos to settings

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Lord Vendreth
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Pictures / Animated Gifs / Short Videos to settings

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Hi there,

during the translation I test a lot of functions. In doing so, I had an idea to the settings, but that would mean a lot of work (may be useful for another version) ;)

I thought how cool it would be, to have the possibility to see an area (may be configurable), that shows what happens by changing a setting. Similar to a tooltip but instead of text, users get a picture, an animated gif or a short video which explains what is an effect of a setting :P

The feature overview in your home page is great, but the application has so many settings, that these feature in the application would make sense :D
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Re: Pictures / Animated Gifs / Short Videos to settings

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That's a good idea! We do have such plans. But it takes a lot of efforts to implement, so we can't promise when it's going to be done.

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