Integrate everything seach into Omega.

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Integrate everything seach into Omega.

Post by ibay770 »

Basically, what I want to do is type a result into that search bar there and then immediately have all the results show up directly in Omega, just as they would inside "Everything;" this is in contrast to the slow searches Windows uses by default.

I'm not sure if this is possible, but if it is, would somebody please be kind enough as to point me to a good guide for setting this up? I never search the content of files, so this is a particularly appealing option to me. Thanks.

link to everything search is voidtools dot com

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Re: Integrate everything seach into Omega.

Post by oMega Support »

Thank you for the idea! We'll consider it in a future version.

Meanwhile you can integrate Everything with oMega Commander by following these steps:

1) Open the folder with Everything application.
2) Drag Everything.exe on any ribbon. That will create a button on the ribbon.
3) Via the button's context menu open "Design mode".
4) In cell "Parameters" specify a command, e.g.:

Code: Select all

-newwindow -path "%aActiveDir%"
5) Optionally add a Hotkey. Then you may not need the ribbon button anymore and it can be deleted.

Now by clicking the button or pressing your custom hot keys you will be getting quick access to Everything's window for searching in the current folder. Just enter the search mask.

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